HCG injections

HCG injections for weight loss are popular, because they have a history of allowing women in particular to lose weight quickly. HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is associated with fertility and pregnancy but is also favoured by women wanting a quick weight loss solution. High HCG levels in males or non-pregnant females on this regime can be a cancer indicator, so it is important that potential users discuss the idea with their medical professional before beginning a course of HCG injections. HCG does not need a prescription, but each dieter’s need will vary so a medical professional will be best placed to advise on the specifics.

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Pharmacy grade HCG and a sensible diet

For people considering HCG injections, it is imperative to pick the supplier with the best pharmacy-grade product and full injection kits. Online research will identify the best option for each individual user. Many suppliers also offer telephone consultations to assist with questions and help first time users. HCG works best in conjunction with a calorie-limited intake because it targets the fat cells in the body. As the fat is removed, so the muscles are revealed. Many crash diets do not discriminate between fat and muscle and the net result is that valuable muscle mass is lost. HCG targets fat and calories, thus leaving the muscle mass intact and making it look like amazing weight loss has occurred when it is actually efficient targeting which causes it (as well as the calorie restricted diet, just as with many diet programs). In pregnant women, HCG targets fat cells and converts them to nutrition for mother and baby. In non-pregnant users, it does the same thing, but this results in weight loss. By eating only protein, fruit and vegetables while undertaking the course of injections, users can potentially achieve better results.

Increased metabolism thanks to HCG

Users say that HCG increases the effect of their natural metabolism. This will vary from person to person. There may also be a longer period of suppressed hunger, which could make consuming less food easier in the long run. Users should be aware that there could be side effects, as with any forced change in dietary habit. This is why a consultation with a medical professional is recommended before starting this course. Many sites promoting HCG also offer an in-depth analysis of the four stages of a typical HCG program from preparation to 2 months or so later.

Online purchase of HCG

Otherwise, potential users should be prepared for the usual before-and-after photos on any site they visit, as well as the slightly more unusual tales of being able to maintain the weight loss for years after finishing the initial course. It is possible to use HCG in conjunction with an existing clinic, but the online availability makes it cheaper for many people. The injections, made up from unmixed powder formula, are preferable to drops for results. A majority of the supply is currently US-produced and therefore may cost more to ship to other countries, if shipping abroad is even possible due to individual postal company regulations.


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It is fair to say that HCG injections are not for everyone. Some dieters may prefer the standard peer-support weekly weight loss groups, slow and steady with prescribed recipes and permitted cheat days. The speed of weight loss often attributed to a course of HCG injections is part of its appeal, as is the fact that it seems to contribute to a consistent ability to maintain the target weight.

As always, weight loss programs are all different because humans are all different. Some will be able to inject themselves, others will prefer a more traditional approach and some may thrive on powdered meal replacements. Whatever the choice, the option is available, with a wealth of information and sales online.