The HCG diet is one of the most effective diet protocols currently in existence. It is also one of the most controversial. The main issue is the fact that people are not doing any research and are basing their negative feelings towards the diet on opinion, rather than scientific fact. Science has proved, time and time again, that the HCG diet is not only safe when followed correctly, but it also happens to be very healthy too. Despite this, a lot of people still insist on listening to people’s opinions on the internet, with no medical or scientific backgrounds, and no qualifications or credentials relating to diet, health, or nutrition. We want to clear things up once and for all, so here are some more HCG diet myths that you need to stop believing.

500 calories per day is dangerous

As you probably know, in order to lose weight, a caloric deficit needs to be achieved. This basically means that you need to eat fewer calories each day, than your body requires to maintain it at its current size. The HCG diet recommends that people should consume between 500 and 700 calories, yet a lot of people say that this is a dangerously low amount of calories to be eating. It isn’t. We can quite easily manage on that amount of calories on the HCG diet, as the HCG injections help boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite. The body uses fat for energy instead, which is why it is not dangerous. You are still getting the energy, the only difference is that the energy comes from body fat, rather than the foods and drinks you consume.


HCG is a placebo

The biggest argument that naysayers of this diet have, is that because it is so low in calories, you would lose weight with or without the HCG injections. While it is true that you would lose weight without the HCG on just 500 calories per day, the truth is that you wouldn’t lose anywhere near as much. On 500 calories without HCG, you’d feel starving hungry, you’d feel tired and sluggish, and your metabolism would slow down. With HCG, the metabolism fires into life so you have more energy, and burn more calories, without feeling hungry or lethargic.

When you finish using HCG you will gain the weight back

This is probably the most common myth associated with HCG diets, and once again, it isn’t necessarily true. One of the first things naysayers of the diet will say is that as soon as you stop receiving HCG injections, you will gain the weight back. This is not the case. If you stop getting HCG injections but continue to eat healthy foods, watch your caloric intakes, and lead more of a healthy and active lifestyle, you will not gain the weight back. If however, you stop the injections and go back to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, you will. The diet does not work miracles, so if you want to keep the weight off, you have to make an effort. Countless people out there however, have used the HCG diet protocol to lose weight, and have kept it off ever since.