Get Ripped for Summer with These Tips

Get Ripped for Summer with These Tips

Although it’s still cold, wet, windy, rainy, and occasionally icy, there are signs of Spring being around the corner. It’s staying light just a little longer, the daffodils are beginning to poke their heads up, and chocolate eggs are now in supermarkets all over the country. On the topic of chocolate, as great as it tastes, it doesn’t do our waistlines much good. With Spring around the corner, summer won’t be far behind, and if you want to be summer body ready this year, you need to act fast. Summer bodies are made in winter, and so to help get you ripped for summer, we’ve compiled this list of handy tips that you can follow. Take a look, and come summer, you’ll be more shredded than ever.

Do more cardio

It doesn’t matter how clean your diet is, if you aren’t doing cardio on a regular basis, your fat loss progress will slow down drastically. Cardio can come from a variety of different forms, so choose the type that suits you best and go from there. If you enjoy jogging, go jogging. If you like the warmth and environment of the gym, hop on the treadmill and use the gym. As long as your heart rate is up and you are physically active, you will burn calories.

Consider the HCG diet

HCG diets are growing in popularity by the day. The basic premise behind HCG diets and injections, is that the follower of the diet is injected with HCG, before following a specialist diet plan. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that enables the body to burn more calories and generate more energy, despite being in a very high caloric deficit. HCG diets are split into different phases, one of which is very low in calories. The benefit of these diets is that you preserve muscle mass and have plenty of energy to hit the gym and train.

Make sure you rest

When some people are trying to get ripped, they will work themselves too hard. Exercising regularly is important, as is eating clean. If you combine the two with HCG injections, you will benefit hugely. With that said however, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. If you are constantly pushing yourself in the gym, you won’t leave yourself enough time to recover. If you aren’t resting properly, your muscles won’t repair themselves properly, you’ll constantly be tired and sore, and you won’t get the most from your workouts. Get enough sleep each night and give yourself at least two full days off each week.

Batch cook and prep

Exercising is the toughest part of getting shredded. The hardest part is the diet. You can’t out train a bad diet, so make sure you’re eating right. If you follow a HCG diet, you can only consume certain foods and a set amount of calories each day as it is. If you follow a different diet, make sure you’re eating clean and nutritious foods, and that you are prepping your meals in advance. Cook off several healthy meals for the week ahead, store them in the fridge, and enjoy them as the days go. This will make life so much easier.

HCG Diets – Myths and Facts about Weight Loss

HCG Diets – Myths and Facts about Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the easiest process in the world, right? Sure, in the same way that brain surgery is one of the easiest things to perform. Weight loss is not easy, and anybody who tells you otherwise is either a sadist or is lying to themselves. Thanks to HCG diets, advanced gym equipment, and detailed knowledge about diet and nutrition, it is now easier to lose weight as we know more about how the process occurs, but there is still always room for improvement. No matter how much we know to be true about weight loss, there is still a lot of misinformation floating around out there, that does need clearing up once and for all. To make matters easier, we’ll now be looking at a few myths and facts about weight loss.

Myth: Low calorie diets are dangerous

This is one of the most common myths when it comes to dieting and losing weight, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Low calorie diets are actually very safe and healthy, as we have been following them since we were cavemen. Diets such as the HCG diet, which emphasize low caloric intakes, have been proven time and time again to not only be safe, but to also be healthy and beneficial as well. The next time somebody tries telling you that low calorie diets are dangerous, just ask them to look up the HCG diet and see what health officials have to say on the matter.

Truth: Alcohol promotes weight gain

If you like a drink then unfortunately you won’t like this next fact. Alcohol has been found to promote weight gain in a variety of ways. To begin with, it supresses the metabolism, so you burn off fewer calories than usual. Not only that, but it can also promote cortisol production, which slows the metabolism further and puts you in a negative mood. This can trigger cravings for junk and can result in emotional eating. Then of course, there’s the fact that alcohol causes you to lose your inhibitions, so you will be more likely to eat junk food and worry about the consequences later.

Myth: You can turn fat into muscle

Another common myth when it comes to weight loss is that you can somehow take body fat and turn it into muscle. This is simply not true, although we do wish that it was. Fat will always be fat, just as muscle will always be muscle. Transforming fat into muscle would require it to change its biological molecular structure, which is simply not possible. It is possible to burn away fat and replace it with muscle, but you can never transform body fat into muscle, no matter how much weight you lift or how many stomach crunches you perform.

Truth: Water promotes weight loss

Water is incredibly beneficial for the human body and is especially beneficial when it comes to losing weight. Those on the HCG diet often consume water before a meal to help keep them feeling full and to help curb cravings for junk.

4 Simple Ways to Lose Fat

4 Simple Ways to Lose Fat

In an ideal world we would all have 32-inch waists, six pack abs, and a chiselled jawline that you could use to cut marble. Sadly, the world we live in is far from ideal, so if you want all of the above you need to be willing to put the work in and get serious. We know that all of the best-tasting foods contain a billion calories per serving, and that all healthy foods taste like stale socks, but sometimes we need to just get our heads down and crack on with the task at hand. If you want to lose fat and get in shape, here are a few simple, yet proven tips to help you do precisely that.

Get active

We don’t care how you get active, just get off the sofa, put on your trainers and gym kit and get moving. Exercise comes in a variety of different forms, so you literally have no excuses for saying that exercise bores you because there is something out there for everybody. If you want to work out in the gym that’s awesome. If gyms bore you to tears then you can simply get your exercise in another way. You could go for a walk, go running, hiking, cycling, swimming, you could do the housework, cut the grass, rake the leaves, you name it. As long as it doesn’t involve you sitting stationary and not moving you will be burning calories and will therefore be helping to earn your slimmer and trimmer body.

Don’t starve yourself

Stop starving yourselves when you’re trying to lose weight. People think that by starving themselves they are helping to speed up the weight loss process. In truth what they are actually doing is slowing it down. When you starve yourself, your metabolism runs slower because you have less energy. Your body knows this and goes into starvation mode. Newer cars with mechanical issues go into ‘limp mode’ and that’s basically what your body does when you starve it. To lose weight, eat small, healthy, and balanced meals throughout the day. Plus, when you starve yourself the hunger and cravings will kick in, and sooner or later you will begin to struggle and become tempted by unhealthy foods.

HCG injections

HCG injections are currently very common in the world of health and weight loss. There’s a lot of science behind them, but basically they work by allowing the body to survive on fewer calories and to burn off more calories in the process. So, you eat less, you don’t feel tired or hungry, and you burn off more calories, all thanks to this hormone. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections are very useful for anybody looking to lose weight, so be sure to consider them.

Find healthy foods you enjoy

If you want to lose weight you need to be in it for the long-haul. This is why finding healthy foods that you enjoy eating is so important. Forget crash diets or diets rich in foods you hate, instead, cook healthy meals you look forward to eating.