HCG Diets – 4 Things Not to Say to a Dieter

If you’ve ever dieted, and statistically, that’s very likely, you’ll know how miserable the process can make you. When people diet to lose weight, they’re often extremely hungry, craving junk, tired, emotional, and generally not feeling themselves. Thanks to HCG diet plans and injections, weight loss is indeed a great deal simpler, though it’s still far from easy. If you’re around somebody that’s losing weight and dieting, it’s important that you support them and help them whenever necessary, even if it simply means biting your tongue before you speak. Here are 4 things not to say to a dieter.

You don’t look like you’ve lost weight

This is one of the worst things you can say to anybody, especially somebody that’s on a diet. If you’re with somebody that’s dieting, you should support them and offer them encouragement. Even if, to you, it doesn’t look like they’ve lost weight, that doesn’t mean that you should point this out. Instead, keep your mouth shut, or offer them some helpful insights and words of encouragement instead. If you tell somebody that’s clearly trying to better themselves that you can’t see a difference, you’ll make them feel awful and they may even decide to quit altogether.

One treat won’t hurt

The HCG diet protocol is a diet protocol in which people consume very low calories in order to lose weight. if you know somebody that’s following this diet, please do not try to tempt them with treats when you know they’re trying to avoid having them. It’s hard enough to lose weight at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got people trying to tempt you with things you shouldn’t be eating. If you know that a friend/family member is trying to diet and lose weight, don’t tempt them with treats. Instead, offer them help and support.

You don’t need to lose weight

People that say this to others often think that they’re helping and being nice. The truth is that when you say this to somebody, you’re wasting your breath and will likely annoy them. When people decide to lose weight, they do so for them. You telling them that you think they don’t need to lose weight will make no difference at all.

You should try “this” diet

Again, people think they’re helping when they tell you that you should be following a certain diet but in all honesty they should probably save their breath. You are following the specific diet plan you’re following because you want to, not because somebody else tells you to. The HCG diet is extremely popular for example, but just because it works for one person, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for somebody else. Not only that, but if you tell people that they should be following a specific diet plan, this can cause them to feel overwhelmed at times. Weight loss doesn’t need to be as complex as some people make it. You do you, and let other people focus on themselves and do their own thing.